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Knife sharpening & maintenance

Diamond sharpening stones: for a quick and brilliant result

A diamond sharpening stone is perfect when you want to sharpen your cutting tools. The stone is comprised of a metal layer enhanced with diamond particles that can be used as a sharpening agent.

The diamond on top of the stone ensures that the surface is very hard. As such a diamond sharpening stone remains flat and will not become hollow like a water stone. For this reason diamond sharpening stones will last a very long time and help you to quickly sharpen your knives: a blunt blade will be razor-sharp in no time, even when you are sharpening hard types of steel.

Using a diamond sharpening stone

Simply applying light pressure is enough to sharpen on diamond sharpening stones. All you have to do is let the stone do the work for you. You can use a diamond sharpening stone when it is wet and when it is dry. The advantage of sharpening on a wet stone is that the stone is lubricated and that no sharpening residue is left behin. You should, however, remember that you need to use water and not oil. Oil can be inconvenient when sharpening and damage the surface when it isn’t properly cleaned. If you are using a dry diamond sharpening stone, we recommend that you often clean the surface of the stone. As such you remove the sharpening residue left behind keeping the stone is great condition.

It is important to know that a diamond sharpening stone needs to be ‘prepared’. After all, only after sharpening a couple of knives the stone will reach its actual potential. The stone is not that great when you are looking for a mirrored blade, simply because the diamond sharpening stone cannot be made with a finer grain. However, for this task a strop will be perfect.

Diamond stones for any sharpening job

In our range we have sharpening stones in various shapes and sizes, from, amongst others, DMTEZE-LAP and Lansky. As such you will always find the right diamond sharpening product for your all your sharpening needs.