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Pens and notebooks

A pen and notebook should be a part of your standard gear. Whether you are going to tackle the outdoors or enjoy a city trip, your notes should never fade. Prevent this from happening and choose a waterproof notebook and a waterproof pen and know that you will never lose your important notes again.

Tactical pens: more than simply writing

A good pen is irreplaceable. As such it is great when you can use this pen for more than writing. Think of a glass breaker or another firm tip you can use as a kubotan. A kubotan is a compact solid pin you hold in your fist and can use to defend yourself. An invention from the sixties by Takayuki Kubota, a Japanese karate master. The tip of a kubotan is pointed but not sharp. As such the goal is not to pierce through, but simply to hurt as much as possible. In terms of refills many tactical pens use refills made by Fisher, known for the Space Pen. These refills even work when held upside down and during deviant circumstances. We offer you many different tactical pens with different characteristics from all major brands such as Zero Tolerance, NiteCore and Benchmade.

Waterproof pens

Waterproof pens will always work, regardless of the weather, even underwater! These refills also work when held upside down and during deviant circumstances. The refills are kept under pressure, do not leak and will not dry out.

Waterproof notebooks

waterproof notebook is great for making notes regardless of the weather. The paper can be used underwater, outside when it is wet or in humid surroundings such as pools and greenhouses. Combine a waterproof notebook with an all-weather pen and you will end up with a reliable combination that will function regardless of the weather.