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Knife bags: safely store and transport your knives

Knife bags are perfect for transporting your knives on a daily basis. For example, people training to be a chef or professional chefs. Though these bags are also very practical when you're travelling for your holidays. Storing your knives in a knife bag will allow them to retain their sharp edges, and you'll keep your hands safe too.

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Discover the benefits

Using a knife bag will help your knives stay in tip-top condition a lot longer. Knife bags store knives in separate compartments, so they do not damage each other during transport. We recommend using knife guards as well, to prevent damage to the bag.

How to choose the best knife bag

  • Start by considering the maximum height and length of your blades. Make sure your knives will fit inside the knife bag you're considering.

  • Maximum number of knives. Every knife bag is different and so the maximum number of knives that fit inside is not always the same.

  • Some bags have a dedicated space for a sharpening steel or honing steel. These are great to have at hand when your knives need a quick touch-up.

Additionally, there are also differences in materials, weight of the bags and the type of closure for the bag. Some bags are made of leather, others of polyester. You can use the filters on our website to find the knife bag you've been looking for.

Advantages of knife bags

By using a knife bag, can safely store and move your knives. It keeps your favourite knives all in one place, in one convenient and safe storage option. Knife bags have separate compartments for different knives. The different compartments also help you organise your knives.

Frequently asked questions about knife bags