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Bamboo cutting boards: naturally beauty

Bamboo wood is sustainable, affordable, strong, and it looks stunning. If you ask us, that's more than enough reason to go with a cutting board made from bamboo wood. Bamboo wood is hard enough that only minimal scratches occur yet soft enough that it won't damage your knives! In addition, bamboo hardly absorbs any water. A great quality for a cutting board!

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Advantages of a bamboo cutting board

Bamboo doesn't absorb any water and is therefore the perfect material for a cutting board. The cutting board won't warp, provided it's being used as intended. Warping is something that can occur with cutting boards made from other kinds of wood. Bamboo is also one of the most sustainable types of wood. The only thing bamboo plantations need is sunlight and water. Within a couple of years the bamboo stems are ready to be harvested. After the harvest the plants stay in place and continue to grow until the next harvest. You can grow a lot of wood on only a small patch of land.

Bamboo cutting board maintenance

Bamboo wood might not absorb water but never put your cutting board in the dishwasher! Because of the round shape of the bamboo shoot, the bamboo is cut into small strips to create a straight cutting board. That is why a bamboo cutting board is often comprised of small cubes or strips. These blocks are glued together, and this glue would deteriorate in the dishwasher. The reason why tableware made of bamboo can often go in the dishwasher is because it is made of bamboo and melamine. This tableware is known to release formaldehyde when it comes in contact with hot food.

The difference between that kind of tableware and our cutting boards is the choice of material. For tableware, bamboo is ground into powder and mixed with melamine. Our bamboo cutting boards are comprised of pieces of bamboo that were glued together. They do not contain melamine.