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Kitchen knives & cutting

Böker Forge knives: ultimate ergonomics

The Böker Forge knife series combines an innovative design with premium materials. Like Böker’s outdoor knives, these offer a great ergonomic design. The perfect balance comes from the full-tang handle. Combined with the razor-sharp X50CrMoV15- steel it stands for excellent performance. 

Böker’s decades of experience in producing quality outdoor knives really oozes through these beautiful and high quality knives. The Forge series offers you great German quality from bread knife to santoku. Their quality is world-famous and they have won first place in the prestigious German ''Stiftung Warentest'' with the Forge series.

Böker kitchen knives

Böker is a knife brand with a long history, dating back all the way to the end of the 19th century. The symbol for Böker is a stylized chestnut tree. This tree stood by the original factory and was, according to founder Heinrich Böker, a good symbol to represent the company. An additional advantage was that it was easier to remember for foreigners, than the awkward name Böker. The kitchen knives by Böker show that this knife brand has its roots in the outdoor industry.