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Butter knives: your breakfast's finishing touch

Butter knives are specifically designed to spread butter or other spreads on your sandwich, baguette, toast or crackers. Usually, these knives have a round tip to allow you to scoop up the spread from its container. The convex belly of the blade makes spreading butter or other spreads child's play. Butter knives can have a smooth edge or have some subtle serrations. With a serrated butter knife you can also cut bread. That's why a butter knife is indispensable during breakfast!

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Easy to use

Butter your toast to perfection with a butter knife! This knife is perfect for spreading ingredients on bread, as the blade is thin and flexible. The rounded edges help spread the butter evenly without damaging your sandwich or toast. In addition to spreading butter, a butter knife can also be used for other kinds of spreads.

Easy to clean

Butter knives are usually made from materials that are easy to clean, such as stainless steel and plastic. Clean them by hand or check the specifications on our website to see if your knife is dishwasher safe.

Different styles and designs

These practical knives come in many different designs and styles. Not only are they convenient, they also look great. There are many fun colours to choose from! There are also knives with wooden handles for those who prefer a classic look.

Very user-friendly

A butter knife is usually lightweight and easy to hold, making it comfortable and easy to use. Use them at home or bring them on a picknick to have a delicious lunch with your friends.

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