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Due Cigni Arne Line: by Jens Ansø

The Arne collection was designed by Jens Ansø, one of the most popular pocket knife designers today. Arne is an old Nordic name that describes the centre of the house, namely the fireplace in the kitchen. A great place to come together with family and friends for great food and fun. Arne, however, is also an old Nordic boy's name which means 'eagle'. The Arne collection from Due Cigni, designed by the Danish knife maker and designer Jens Ansø, combines Danish design with Italian tradition. As is common for Ansø designs, perfection and function are key!

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Features of Due Cigni Arne Line

Due Cigni's Arne Line shines through its exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each blade is meticulously sharpened in the knife capital of Italy. This series consists of a beautiful collection of stylish knives with ergonomic handles. The Arne series is defined by its distinct design, which combines modern elegance with timeless aesthetics.

Due Cigni Arne blade

The blades of the knives in the Due Cigni Arne series are made of Sandvik 12C27 steel, a Swedish type of steel. Thanks to the percentage of carbon in this type of steel, it has great sharpness retention. Fortunately, this steel also has a percentage of chromium, so the blades are also stainless. It is therefore a great middle ground between hardness and corrosion resistance, perfect for kitchen knives.

Due Cigni Arne handle

The blade seamlessly merges with the handle: the knives have a full-tang construction. The Arne Line is comprised of two handle materials: Ziricote wood and HPL, which stands for High Pressure Laminate.

The scales are comprised of multiple layers that were compressed together. As such you end up with a very dense, hard and stable material. The scales are secured with stainless steel rivets. The curved handle prevents fatigue during demanding cutting tasks. In short: beautiful materials, great steel.