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Buying an axe? We'll help you out

If you are looking for a splitting axe, hatchet, hand axe, throwing axe or even a wood splitter, you've come to the right place. From traditional hand-forged Swedish axes from Hultafors, to modern Fiskars axes, and throwing axes and tomahawks from brands such as Cold Steel. We've got it all! Are you looking for a low-risk option? Check out our wood splitters from Flint and Kindling Cracker.

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How to choose the best axe

When you're looking for an axe, it is important to consider what type of axe you actually need. This all depends on the things you want to chop. The wrong axe will require too much force to achieve the same result. That's a waste of your time and energy! In addition, using the wrong axe for a task can even be dangerous.

Splitting axe

Do you need to split wood for your fireplace? You'll need a splitting axe. The axe head of a splitting axe is specifically designed to cleave blocks of wood. With its razor-sharp edge and wedge-shaped axe head, these axes effortlessly split wood.

Hand axe

During trekking or camping trips, you'll want a lightweight axe. A small hand axe or camping axe will be a good choice. A hand axe is also suitable for making kindling.

Felling axe

Are you taking down trees? You'll need a felling axe. These axes are specifically designed to help you fell trees. Please note: be careful not to choose a splitting axe, as these are sometimes confused for felling axes.

Tomahawk or throwing axe

Are you looking to buy an axe for throwing? Choose a special throwing axe or tomahawk. These are compact and lightweight.

Wood splitter

Are you looking for a safe and easy way to split wood? With a wood splitter you can split wood without an axe. It is a simple and safe alternative for a splitting axe.

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