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Fontenille Pataud Laguiole Magnum waiter’s corkscrews

With the Laguiole Magnum waiter’s corkscrew made by Fontenille Pataud you open your wine bottle the same way a sommelier would. The knife combines three functions: it is a foil cutter, corkscrew and bottle opener. Made by the French knife makers from Fontenille Pataud.

Comfortable handle

The handle of this Laguiole Magnum waiter’s corkscrew feels great in hand. You easily screw the spiral into the cork. Afterwards you will be able to remove the cork from the bottle without leaving pieces of cork behind. Because of the leverage, which is made from one piece of steel, removing a cork will be a piece of cake. This corkscrew can be used on any type of bottleneck.

More than ‘just’ a corkscrew

In addition to the corkscrew this wine opener has been enhanced with a collapsible knife. With it you can easily remove the foil from the bottleneck. In addition, with the integrated bottle opener you can easily open any type of bottle!

This waiter’s corkscrew comes in a classic gift box. A wonderful gift for anyone who loves wine.