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Messermeister Edge-Guard knife guards: safely store and transport your kitchen knives

Messermeister Edge-Guard knife guards are designed to safely transport and store your Messermeister kitchen knives. You wouldn't want them to bump into each other in a kitchen drawer and end up with damaged edges. If you go camping and you want to take a kitchen knife with you, a knife guard can also come in handy!

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Features of Messermeister Edge Guard knife guards

These knife guards are available in different sizes. Find the one that fits your knife! The description of the knife guards clearly states the dimensions. We recommend choosing a size-up from your knife. For example, is your knife's blade 16.5 cm to 17 cm in length? We recommend the 19.5-cm knife guard, as the 17-cm one will probably be a bit tight.

Different sizes of knife guards

Messermeister Edge Guard knife guards have different 'length' sizes. There are also 'wide' knife guards for kitchen knives with a high blade, such as chef's knives, santokus and nakiris. On the other hand, there are also 'narrow' knife guards for, you guessed it, smaller kitchen knives like peeling knives, steak knives or filleting knives.

The great thing about the Messermeister Edge-Guard knife guards is that they are quite thin. As a result, they're also very suitable to use in combination with a knife bag. In fact, for safety reasons and for the durability of your knife bag, it is wise to put a knife protector on your knives before placing them in the knife bag.