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Nesmuk Janus kitchen knives: cut like a pro!

The Nesmuk Janus series proves that black is always in fashion. The blades of these kitchen knives have a DLC coating. DLC stands for Diamond Like Carbon. It's a paper-thin coating that is extremely hard. It makes the knife even more resistant to corrosion and scratches. In addition to these practical advantages, it also adds to the knives' aesthetics. Imagine having these knives on a beautiful magnetic knife block in your kitchen. It could be the centrepiece of your kitchen!

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Features of the Nesmuk Janus series

The black blades of these knives are striking. . It's not that often that we see premium kitchen knife brands use a coating. This DLC coating is not just any coating, it is an incredibly hard one that protects the blade from external influences. Moreover, this coating reduces friction during cutting and makes it easier to clean these knives. It almost makes you wonder why not all brands use DLC coating.

Nesmuk Janus: ergonomically designed handle

Looking at the blade and handle from the side, you will see a beautiful picture. The lines of both parts organically flow into each other. You'll notice that not only does the knife look good, it's also very comfortable to use. A so-called 'pinch grip' where you grab the blade with your thumb and index finger and fold your fingers around the handle feels very natural with these knives.

Enjoying Nesmuk for life

Like any other great kitchen knife a Nesmuk should not be cleaned in a dishwasher. Wash it by hand after using it and dry it properly. Only use it on a wooden cutting board. Of course, bones should be avoided. Treat this knife right, and you will enjoy it for the rest of your life. And later on, so will your children and their children.