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Viper Sakura ziricote kitchen knives: pure Italian passion

Viper Sakura Ziricote knives look similar to Sakura Olive knives and Viper's Bocote collection. However, the difference between these series is the handle material. The handles of this collection are made from ziricote wood. This Central American dark wood has a high density and is naturally resistant to rot, making it a very stable type of wood. These kitchen knives were designed in cooperation with two famous Danish designers: Jens Ansø and Jesper Voxnaes.

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Features of Viper kitchen knives

Viper's kitchen knives are graceful and classic. The use of top-quality steel and types of wood have made these kitchen knives extremely sustainable. Each knife introduced by Viper radiates Italian passion and bravura.

Razor-sharp knives

Viper Sakura kitchen knives are made from stainless Nitro-B steel. This steel is known for its corrosion resistance and sharpness retention. Viper kitchen knives are razor-sharp upon delivery. Additionally, these knives are known to retain their sharpness very well. Use these knives for a wide array of cutting tasks in the kitchen. These kitchen knives are praised for their durability and will last a lifetime, provided you care for them well. The knives have a classic and elegant design. However, the steel type is far from 'classic'. This super steel retains its sharpness incredibly well!


Viper took special care in designing the handles. The handles of these kitchen knives feel great in hand and won't make your hand feel tired, even after hours of use. Viper's range includes many types of kitchen knives: chef's knives, santoku knives, bread knives to name a few.