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Wüsthof cutting boards: indispensable in any kitchen!

A decent cutting board is indispensable in any kitchen. The German Wüsthof knows this all too well. In addition to their excellent kitchen knives they, as a result, also have a wide range of cutting boards.

From the ‘classic’ wooden cutting boards to cutting boards made from TPU. Available in several sizes to ensure that you will always have the right cutting board(s) at your disposal.

Wüsthof wooden cutting boards

Wüsthof’s wooden cutting boards are made from beech wood. A deliberate choice because this type of wood protects the edge of your knife in order for it to keep its sharpness. A wooden cutting board might look amazing, however, it takes tremendous effort keeping it in prime condition. In addition, they are not dishwasher-proof. So there is nothing left to do but clean it by hand and with a little extra tlc you will enjoy your wooden cutting board for years to come.

Wüsthof TPU cutting boards

In addition to wooden cutting boards Wüsthof has also manufactured cutting boards made from TPU, or Thermoplastic Polyurethane. These thin cutting boards are flexible, scratch and bacteria resistant. The material works with you when you cut in order to avoid scratches and to keep your knife sharp. After cutting you are also able to easily move the cut meats and vegetables to the pan without spilling. TPU cutting boards are dishwasher-proof which is great advantage when compared to the wooden cutting boards.