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Knife sharpening & maintenance

Wüsthof sharpening steels: for the quick touch up

Wüsthof sharpening steels are the perfect companion to your Wüsthof knife. In time each knife will (slowly) become blunt and needs to be sharpened. With a Wüsthof sharpening steel you can make sure your knife stays in great shape for a really long time.

A sharpening steel is often enhanced with either a ceramic or diamond-coated sharpening surface. Because of this material a sharpening steel produces faster and better results than a Wüsthof honing steel.

Honing steel or sharpening steel?

A honing steel removes any burrs off the cutting edge. Burrs are the first indication of a blunt knife. They are difficult to see at first. When burrs become larger you can see a glittering on the edge. A honing steel removes the rougher burrs and lifts the small burrs. That improves your knife edge.

A honing steel only removes burrs, and no material from the knife. The knife thus still becomes round and blunt on the edge. A sharpening steel, diamond or ceramic, does sharpen the edge. They remove a layer of steel from your knife which shapes the cutting edge of the knife back into a V-shape. A diamond or ceramic sharpening steel is also quite a lot harder, which means you can actually sharpen any knife on it.