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Yaxell Zen: Japanese kitchen knives to love

Yaxell kitchen knives are produced in the knife capital of Japan: Seki. What's unique about the Zen collection is the hammered blade and the 37 layers of damascus steel combined with a core of stainless VG10 steel. The blade is polished and shines like a mirror. In combination with the hammered finish, it has a very striking look. The subtle damascus lines of the steel complete the picture. Yaxell Zen kitchen knives are knives you'll want to use on a daily basis.

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Features of Yaxell Zen knives

Yaxell Zen blade

The blade is made from 37 layers of damascus steel and a core of Japanese VG10 steel hardened up to 61HRC. This is a great type of steel for kitchen knives, as it can easily be sharpened to a razor-sharp edge and retains this sharpness well.

The hammered effect on the blade is a traditional finish that emerged because of the blows of the blacksmith's hammer as he forged the blade. The dimples in the blade prevent slices of food from sticking to the blade.

Yaxell Zen handle

The handle of a Yaxell Zen knife has an oval shape. Round enough to feel great in hand, but oval enough to not roll in your hand. The handle is made from micarta. This is a grippy composite material made from linen and synthetic resin. A strong and beautiful choice.

The Yaxell Zen series consists of many different types of kitchen knives. From classic Japanese knives to more European-oriented models.