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Maserin TEGI kitchen knives: in collaboration with top chef Terry Giacomello

The Maserin TEGI kitchen knives are stylish Italian kitchen knives made in collaboration with Michelin-starred chef Terry Giacomello. He is known for his complicated and experimental dishes. The knives, however, are far from complicated or experimental. And it is exactly that simplicity that ensures they meet all demands a top chef could possibly have. No unusual shapes or other decorations, but serious and purposeful. They have a particularly thin grind, which makes them lightweight and razor-sharp. Perfect for cutting delicate ingredients.

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Features of Maserin TEGI kitchen knives

Maserin TEGI handle material

The handles are made from Richlite and are available in either brown or black. Richlite is a mixture of FSC-certified wood pulp, recycled paper and synthetic resin. This makes the handle durable and super strong. It is resistant to water, acids and impact. A great material in a busy kitchen! To keep your knife beautiful for as long as possible, we do not recommend cleaning them in the dishwasher. Simply wash by hand and then dry with a cloth.

Maserin TEGI steel

For the TEGI collection, Maserin used X50CrMov15 steel. This is a popular type of stainless steel. It won't easily discolour or rust, and it's easy to sharpen if the knife has started to lose some of its sharpness over time. Easy to maintain!