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Tojiro Shirogami kitchen knife: traditional Japanese kitchen knives

Tojiro Shirogami kitchen knives represent Japanese tradition at its finest. The knives in this collection are often designed for a specific cutting task, like a deba for fish and meat or a yanagiba for filleting fish. The handles have a traditional design and are made from magnolia wood with a bolster made from black synthetic resin.

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Features of Tojiro Shirogami

Tojiro Shirogami: White Paper Steel

The blades feature a core made from White #2 Steel, also known as Shirogami #2, with an outer layer of iron. As the core is very tough, Tojiro was able to apply an incredibly thin grind to these knives, ensuring unparalleled sharpness. Please note: these knives are not stainless and are certainly not dishwasher safe! Wash these knives by hand and dry them well. Read more about maintaining your Japanese kitchen knives here.

The knives are enhanced with a one-sided grind. Because of this grind, the edge pushes the slices off the blade. To make cutting even easier, the other side of the blade is enhanced with a hollow grind. This subtle cavity means there is always a little air between the ingredient and the knife, for the lowest possible resistance! This allows you to cut wafer-thin, delicate slices.

Tojiro Shirogami: handle made from magnolia wood

The traditional D-shaped handle is made from magnolia wood. This is a light type of wood, both in weight and colour. The bolster is made from black synthetic resin. The bolster is not just there for style, it also ensures that the knife is perfectly balanced. Please take into account that wood is a natural product. The product you receive may differ in terms of pattern and colour. The materials used remain the same.