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Tramontina Landhaus kitchen knives and accessories: for at home, in the garden and the kitchen

The Tramontina Landhaus collection is comprised of affordable and decent kitchen tools and accessories for use in and around the house. These knives are perfect for everyone. From small peeling knives to peel potatoes or finely cut a clove of garlic, to cheese knives and different spatulas for your barbecue. This collection has got it all. And more!

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Features of Tramontina Landhaus

The knives in this collection feature a blade made from stainless steel. Because of its corrosion resistance this type of steel is often used for cutlery.

The handles are made from Polywood. We're not talking about the Polywood you might know from patio furniture, but about Tramontina's unique manufacturing technique for handle material. Thin slices of wood are stacked on top of each other, synthetic resin is then added to fill up the pores of the wood. As a result, the wood no longer absorbs moisture and is also a lot stronger. The wood has an FSC label, the label for sustainable forestry. In contrast to the traditional Polywood, this Polywood is real wood and not plastic.

Make sure to clean your products after use and to dry them well to ensure a longer lifespan of your items. Even though Tramontina says their products are dishwasher safe, we still recommend washing them by hand. This will improve the lifespan of your knives and accessories, as the extreme heat and aggressive cleaning agents in a dishwasher can cause damage in the long run.