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Xin Cutlery XinCraft kitchen knives: distinctive craftsmanship

The Xin Cutlery XinCraft collection is a collection of kitchen knives made by a team of highly skilled craftsmen. As such, the knives from this collection have distinctive styles and are made from different materials. So, what do the knives from this collection have in common? They are all made by hand! From stunning damascus patterns to handles made from blue-coloured stained maple wood. The styles and materials might be different, it is evident that these are all remarkable knives. Check out these stunning eye-catchers. There will definitely be one that will suit your style!

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Xin Cutlery XinCraft materials

Like the distinctive styles the blades are also very different. There are knives with stunning damascus patterns and knives with a blade made from top-quality stainless steel. Like the blades, the handles are also remarkable. These are made from a special types of wood or horn. With all these different materials, colours and shapes, there is always a knife to suit your style.

Truly unique

The designs and finishes you find in the Xin Cutlery XinCraft series are really something else. At Knivesandtools, we have been selling kitchen knives of various brands and designs for years. But we rarely come across knives similar to that of the XinCraft series. The perfect collection for those looking for unique knives!