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Microplane Master graters: luxurious and razor-sharp

The collection of Master graters are the most luxurious graters of Microplane's range. The same premium-quality steel as you're used to from Microplane, now with a more exlusive handle. These graters are great value for money, especially considering the high quality and exquisite finish. The warm colour of the handles made from walnut wood makes these graters a stunning addition to your kitchen equipment.

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Features of the Microplane Master series

Microplane once began as a manufacturer of woodworking tools. The wooden handles of this collection are in reference to this piece of history. American walnut wood has a warm look and feel to it. Of course, wood is a natural product which makes each Microplane Master grater unique.

The metal construction around the cutting surface makes these graters very robust. You will immediately notice that these are high-quality graters. Please note: these graters should be washed by hand. Walnut wood does not hold up well in the dishwasher. We recommend regularly applying some maintenance oil to the wooden handles, for example Eden cutting board oil. This way, you keep the wood in tip-top condition and you also improve the material's water resistance. After all, in a kitchen, the handle will inevitably come into contact with water.

Microplane graters are considered the best in the world. The Master collection is no exception. These graters are razor-sharp, so lightning-fast grating of all kinds of ingredients will be child's play. Perfect for amateur chefs and professional chefs alike.