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Microplane Premium Classic Graters: slender, iconic and reliable

Microplane Premium Classic graters are the graters that have made Microplane famous among both professional and home chefs. The graters from the Premium Classic series have the shape of a traditional wood rasp. After all, that is how Microplane once started: by producing woodworking tools. The Microplane Premium Classic has become an iconic model in the world of graters. The Microplane Premium graters come in different, fun colours and are each equipped with a practical safety cover.

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Features of Microplane Premium Classic

These graters are distinct in their design: long and sleek. This makes them particularly suited for grating small ingredients. For a piece of Italian cheese, for example, you won't need a grater with a 6-cm width. It's better to have a bit more length, so you can work more efficiently. Likewise, nutmeg or some chocolate are easy to grate with the Premium collection.

The handle of the Microplane Premium Classic grater is relatively large. This makes sure you can get a good grip, even if you have larger hands or when your hands are wet. Another nice feature is the finish of the handle: the 'soft touch' feels great in hand and offers a good grip even when wet.

The addition of two non-slip parts at the bottom of the grater is also clever. These allow you to keep the grater steady when you're using a cutting board as a working surface. Not only is it more comfortable to work with, it's also safer.