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Microplane Gourmet grater: elegant and easy to use

The Microplane Gourmet-series is designed with both the home cook and the professional chef in mind. The result is a sublime grater, easy to use and featuring convenient gadgets. For example, the grip is provided with a non-slip handle to ensure optimal grip. Also, the end sections are coated with a non-slip layer too, which provides the grater with great stability. The Microplane Gourmet-series is very extensive so you will always be able to find the perfect grater suitable for your needs.

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Features of Microplane Gourmet graters

The relatively large handles of the Microplane Gourmet graters stand out. It offers a great grip, even for those with larger hands or when your hands are wet. The 'soft touch' finish of the handles makes them even more pleasant to the touch.

The cutting surfaces are of the same quality as Microplane's other series. Incredibly sharp, and available in different levels of coarseness. The non-slip end of the grater is a great feature of Microplane's graters. Most people prefer to use the grater by using a cutting board or a plate as a working surface. The fact that the graters won't slip around when you're using them is as safe as it is efficient. Grate all kinds of ingredients for your next culinary masterpiece!