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Zwilling santoku knives: excellence in cuisine

A Zwilling santoku will be your new favourite knife. Santokus are the all-round champions in the culinary world. The name 'Santoku' means three virtues. According to some, that refers to the three cutting techniques in which the santoku excels: cutting, slicing and chopping. Others say it stands for meat, fish and vegetables. However it may be: you can use a Zwilling santoku for pretty much any cutting task in the kitchen.

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Features of Zwilling santoku knives

Zwilling santokus are a fusion of tradition and innovation. These knives have classic designs that have remained largely unchanged for decades. Today, you can still buy a Zwilling Four Star santoku to match the knives you bought from the same series when it was introduced in 1976. But there are also more modern designs such as the Zwilling Twin Cuisine santoku, which will fit perfectly in your contemporary kitchen. Or the Zwilling Pro santoku: a mix between traditional and modern.

Zwilling Friodur ice-treatment

In terms of production quality, Zwilling is certainly very modern. Zwilling is known for its Friodur ice hardening treatment. This means that the steel undergoes cryogenic treatment during the hardening process. The blade is cooled to a temperature lower than -100 degrees Celsius to bring out the best properties of the steel. The result is a knife that stays sharp even longer.

Zwilling santoku without bolster

What's practical about a Zwilling santoku knife is that the bolster, the metal part between the blade and handle, does not taper into the edge of the knife. This allows you to utilise the entire edge of your knife while cutting, ensuring greater ease of use and effectiveness. An additional advantage is that the lack of the continuous bolster means you can sharpen the entire length of the edge right down to the heel. You'll notice the difference when you're using sharpening stones, but even more so when using a pull-through knife sharpener.