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Zwilling Twin Chef kitchen knives: for the demanding amateur chef

The Zwilling Twin Chef knife collection is the perfect choice for the demanding amateur chef. The knives have a classic look and feel, are incredibly reliable, and feel great in hand. The knives are enhanced with a plastic crop that ensures your hand won't slip and move forward during use , making them safe in use. The Zwilling Twin Chef collection is great if you are looking for kitchen knives with an excellent price-quality ratio. You end up with the trusted Zwilling quality for a great price.

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Characteristics for the Zwilling Twin Chef collection

### Zwilling Twin Chef blade

The steel, like the more expensive Zwilling collections, is made from ice-hardened Friodur steel. This steel is hardened in four stages during which it is heated to 1000ºC and cooled to -70ºC. Thanks to this technique sharpness, sustainability and corrosion resistance are guaranteed! The blades are sharpened with laser precision and therefore razor-sharp.

Zwilling Twin Chef handle

The handles of the Zwilling Twin Chef knives are made from top-quality plastic, and the whole is kept together with the help of three rivets. The three-rivet method is typically German, a fun nod to German knife traditions. The design of the handle is simple, no unnecessary frills, but still very functional.

Zwilling Twin Chef maintenance

Zwilling states that the kitchen knives from the Twin Chef collection are dishwasher proof. We do, however, recommend washing them by hand because the detergent in a dishwasher can affect the knives in the long run.