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Lion Sabatier Edonist: evolution of the traditional Sabatier knife

Lion Sabatier Edonist knives are a unique symbiosis of decades of French culinary experience and state-of-the-art design. A true evolution of the traditional Sabatier knife. The mix of traditional influences and a contemporary design are what make these Sabatier knives so popular amongst amateur chefs who adore French cuisine.

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These knives are forged in the French city of Thiers; the beating heart of the French knife industry. Each kitchen knife is forged from one piece of steel and polished by hand by an expert. The knives from the Edonist collection are available with a white or black handle. Which colour will suit your kitchen best?

Lion Sabatier Edonist: materials and use

Power and balance

Lion Sabatier Edonist knives weigh next to nothing and have a slim handle. The combination of these features makes the knives feel balanced. The thin grind of the knives also keeps the cutting resistance low. This allows you to easily and precisely cut your ingredients.

The blade

The blades of the knives in this collection were originally made from X50CrMov15 steel. A couple years ago, however, Lion Sabatier, started adding nitrogen to the production process. As a result, the steel is even harder, up to 57-59 HRC. The result is a knife that is even better to use. This type of steel is called 4116 Nitro+.

Safe to use

The knife is made from a single piece of steel that runs throughout the entire handle. The bolster extends to the heel of the blade, keeping your fingers safe. After all, your fingers won’t come anywhere near the sharp edge. The spine of the blade is slightly rounded to make sure you have a comfortable grip over the knife.

Sustainable and low-maintenance

The POM handles are seamlessly attached to the blade. POM is a very sustainable and maintenance-friendly type of plastic. Steel rivets make sure the scales stay in place. The extension of the blade becomes narrower towards the back of the handle and is in nice contrast with the thickening of the POM scales. This subtle detail shows you how much time was spent on the design.

Lion Sabatier

Lion Sabatier is known for their top-quality kitchen knives. The company is named after its founder, Lion Sabatier. The brand Lion Sabatier is still known for its quality knives, but when purchasing Sabatier knives, it is important to research the specific origin and reputation of the manufacturer.