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Lion Sabatier Idéal: traditional design, modern performance

The knives from the Lion Sabatier Idéal collection combine the best of both worlds. The slim and elegant traditional shapes which have been popular for centuries are combined with contemporary high-performance materials. With Lion Sabatier Idéal knives you introduce your kitchen to a piece of the best French cooking traditions, without compromising on modern convenience!

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Features of Lion Sabatier Idéal

The blade

The blade was originally made from X50CrMov15 steel. A couple years ago, however, Lion Sabatier, started adding nitrogen to the production process. As such the steel is even harder, 57-59 HRC. The result is a knife that is even better to use. This type of steel is called 4116 Nitro+.

The handle

The handle of the Idéal knives is made from POM, a very sustainable type of plastic. This material is easy to clean. The handle is seamlessly attached to the blade.

Idéal or Edonist collection

The Idéal Inox collection is comprised of traditional Sabatier knives. The Edonist collection is a contemporary version of the traditional Sabatier knife. Both collections are made from modern materials. Stainless 4116 Nitro+ steel for the blade and sustainable POM plastic for the handles. Modern materials that are easy to use and maintain. You cannot go wrong with either series!

Lion Sabatier

Lion Sabatier is known for their top-quality kitchen knives. The company is named after its founder, Lion Sabatier. The brand Lion Sabatier is still known for its quality knives, but when purchasing Sabatier knives, it is important to research the specific origin and reputation of the manufacturer.