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Lion Sabatier Edonist: evolution of the traditional Sabatier-knife

Edonist-Lion Sabatier knives are a unique blend of decades of French culinary experience and State-of-the-art design. A true evolution of the traditional Sabatier-knife. The mix of traditional influences and contemporary design make this Sabatier-knives wanted among hobby cooks with a preference for French products.

They are forged in the French Thiers, the beating heart of the French knives industry. Each kitchen knife is forged from one piece of steel and polished by hand. The knives of the Edonist-series are available with a white or a black handle. Which color suits your interior design?

Lion Sabatier Edonist: materials and usage

Edonist-Lion Sabatier knives are extremely light and have a thin handle. The combination of these features give you a sense of strength and balance. The thin cut of the blade ensures low resistance during use. As a result, you'll able to cut food easily and with great precision.

The blade is made from X50CrMoV15 steel. This steel is very easy to sharpen and rust-resistant. That is why it is a popular choice for kitchen knives. The knife is made from one piece of steel that is entirely integrated into the handle. This gives a safe feeling. The back of the blade is slightly rounded so you have a comfortable grip during use.

The handles integrate seamlessly with the blade and are made of POM. This is a very durable and maintenance-friendly kind of plastic. The handle is hold in its place by steel rivets. The blade becomes narrower towards the back of the handle and contrasts with the widening POM-handle parts. A subtle accent that shows how much time is spent at designing these knives.