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Light-weight survival knives | All light-weight survival knives lined up!

Light-weight survival knives are great for hikers and as a back-up next to your primary knife. When you are planning to enter the mountains with your backpack you want to carry as little weight as possible. As such you will truly think twice about which gear you take with you. A large and heavy survival knife will not be practical at all. That is when light-weight survival knives are great! But also if you are already carrying a larger survival knife during a hike, a light-weight back-up is always a good idea.

Light-weight, after all, doesn't always mean small

Up to 100 grams we talk about neck knives. But also light-weight survival knives with a plastic handle can have quite a large blade. Large enough to carry out many survival tasks. Please note: on our site we only weigh the knife, not the sheath. As such you do need to add that weight to the total amount.