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Miyabi 6000MCT knives

The Miyabi 6000MCT knives are the perfect symbiosis of ultimate functionality and unique aesthetics. The blade is made of ice-hardened Micro-Carbide Cryodur steel, folded between two layers of other steel. This steel is hand-hammered (Tsuchime), which gives the blade a traditional look. The small dents on the blade make sure food does not stick to it.

The 63HRC steel makes it a very hard blade. The blade is Honbazuke-sharpened and combined with the high hardness guarantees ultimate sharpness. The MC stands for the Micro-Carbide steel where the T stands for Tsuchime; the hand-hammered the blade.


The handles of the 6000MCT series are made of stabilised cocobolo wood. The ergonomics and balance are well thought-out, which makes this knife also very comfortable to use even over an extended period of time. The dark cocobolo-wood gives it a classic and stylish look. The coloured detail at the bolster and pommel, along with the mosaic pin, complete this beautiful knife.

Zwilling Japan

The knives are made in Seki, Japan, where Zwilling J.A. Henckels combines German quality with Japanese craftmanship.