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Pintinox cutlery: functional Italian design

The Italian Pintinox has been producing top-quality cutlery, cookware and table and kitchen accessories ever since 1929.
They produce unique, stylish and remarkable cutlery without compromising on function or comfort. Because of the different, uncommon styles you will have the right set of cutlery for every occasion. From important guests to family: with the Pintinox cutlery every dinner party will become an amazing experience!

18/10 stainless steel

Pintinox cutlery is made from 18/10 stainless steel. This is a popular type of steel that is often used for cutlery in the higher segment. It is known as a fine, corrosion resistant type of steel, with a stunning glossy finish. A perfect type of steel for this top-quality brand. Also, the cutlery is dishwasher proof. Great if dinner runs late.

Pintinox S.P.A: a rich history 

In 1929, after the recession, Giacomo Pinti decided to found his company and open his first workshop in Lumezzane. In this workshop he produced cutlery and knives made from chromed brass.

In the early fifties the company had become one of the largest producers of cutlery and pans in Italy. Also due to the introduction of affordable stainless steel. In the sixties, with the second generation of the Pinti family, new production lines of cookware and pans were introduced. Using a new industrial location in Sarezzo. 

The third generation of the family, comprised of four cousins, is now at the helm of the company. Each member is key to the company. Modernisation and industrially automated systems ensure that Pintinox continues to grow and has a massive and continuously expanding product range.