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Pocket knives & multitools

The James Brand Wayland: the modern interpretation of the Barlow

The James brand Wayland is a modern interpretation of the classic Barlow model. A traditional, with a modern look and feel. The knife is enhanced with the typical Barlow bolsters. The difference, however, is that now they are made from high-tech titanium, instead of nickel silver. A nicely finished knife, made from premium materials.

The James Brand: knives for people who live life to the fullest

The people from The James Brand don't come from the pocket knife world. They are skaters, snowboarders, fishermen, barbers, photographers. People who do not only work behind their drawing board, but go out into the world. People who do not wait for their problems to be solved, but take the initiative. They have a different view on what a pocket knife should look like all their own. Never inhibited by thoughts like “that’s just the way it is” they started designing.  The result is a stylish and unique pocket knife brand. Made for adventurers and anyone who loves design. For real people.