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Case Stockman knives: from the ranch to your pocket!

Back in the day the Case Stockman knives were used by cowboys and ranchers for many different tasks in and around the farm. From cutting ropes and cooking meals to castrating cattle. Truly a knife that was made to be used!

Case Stockman: classic combination of clip, spey and sheepsfoot

Traditionally speaking a Case Stockman is enhanced with three blades: a clippoint, spey and sheepsfoot. Each perfect for specific tasks. You can, for instance, easily apply pressure on the spine of a sheepsfoot with your thumb. The pointed tip of the clippoint is perfect for the more detailed tasks and the belly of the spey comes in handy when gutting game, or simply to clean meat when you prepare a delicious meal. Today there are, however, also versions of the Stockman with more or less blades, and with differently shaped blades. Choose one that will suit you best!