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Case Trapper: from traditional hunting knife to crowd pleaser

The Case Trapper is one of the most popular 'patterns' in the Case range. There are few pocket knives that are available in so many different shapes and sizes. From very small to quite large. And all of those with numerous types of handles. Because there are so many different versions of the Case Knives Trapper, it is one of the most collectible pocket knives on the market today!

Case Knives Trapper: popular for over a hundred years

Traditionally speaking the Case Trapper pocket knife is enhanced with two blades: a clippoint and a speypoint. Together they are an almost irresistible set to gut small game, but also for EDC use this is a practical combination. The pointed tip of the clippoint is great when making incisions and for other detailed tasks. The speypoint was traditionally the knife that was used to castrate bulls. It is enhanced with a slightly rounded belly just below the tip, and today mostly popular when gutting game. You could, however, also easily use it to cut vegetables or peel an apple. Those two blades are placed directly next to each other, around the same pivot. Today, Case also produces Trappers enhanced with one blade, or with differently shaped blades.