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Chris Reeve fixed knives: award-winning hunting and survival knives

In addition to folding knives Chris Reeve also produces sturdy top-quality fixed knives. These hunting and survival knives are stunning and absolute no-nonsense tools. It doesn’t matter what you will use them for, these knives will handle any task!

The emergence of the Chris Reeve fixed knives

Chris Reeve gained a lot of fame in 1982 with the integral handle construction of its survival knives. These knives are made of one piece of steel with a hollowed-out handle that can be opened. Chris Reeve came up with this idea when he was in the army and looking for a sturdier knife that could handle bad weather. These integral survival knives were the first of their kind. In the years following their introduction Chris Reeve won many awards for his fixed knives. Take, for instance, the Chris Reeve Green Beret which won the ‘Collaboration Knife of the Year’ award at the 2003 Blade Show. A tactical, robust fixed knife, made for the U.S. Army Special Forces. In 2007 the Chris Reeve pacific won the ‘American Made Knife of the Year’ award. Another knife that was produced for the United States’ army. 

Made for soldiers and command troops

So Chris Reeve really focuses on soldiers with these fixed knives. This design choice is something that can also be found in the materials used. The handles, for instance, are made from micarta. An incredibly strong and light-weight material that gives you enough grip. Especially in humid weather conditions micarta really excels as this material will not lose its texture because the textile fibres expand when wet to give you a little additional grip. The KG GunKote-coating that can be found on many of Chris Reeve’s fixed knives prevents rust and reflections. Incredibly practical in military situations.  The sheaths are also of amazing quality and make carrying a fixed Chris Reeve knife incredibly pleasurable.

It is, as a result, not that surprising that these fixed knives have won multiple awards. These Chris Reeve all-rounders are definitely worth a look. For that reason we have selected them and put them together on one page. Enjoy!