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Looking for a Gerber machete? Choose your own machete here!

With a Gerber Machete you can make room for anything. Whether your garden is overgrown with blackberry bushes, or perhaps you are planning to enter the jungle: with a Gerber machete you will make room for anything.

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Gerber’s machetes are designed in the United States. Here the men and women of Gerber Legendary Bladeshave been working dozens of years to deliver you the best knives.

Gerber machetes: in all shapes and sizes

The range of Gerber machetes is comprised of many different types of machetes. From traditional knives to bolo’s, kukri’s, and parang’s. Each with its own cultural background, but all 100% Gerber. After all, why would you come up with new shapes for blades when all over the world people have been working dozens, if not hundreds of years, with this tool? The kukri, for instance, has been refined by the Gurkha’s in Nepal. Gerber also delivers specific machetes which differ in terms of the thickness of the blade. As such you will be able to choose the ideal machete based on your needs.