KA-BAR USMC knives: popular since 1942

Few knives come with such a rich history and iconic status as the KA-BAR USMC knives. During the Second World War it was the knife most used by many soldiers in the American army. Officially known as the USMC Mark 2 Combat Knife but soon simply called 'the KA-BAR' by most. You will recognize the black clippoint blade with leather handle from afar!

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KA-BAR USMC 1217 plain edge, leather, Leather sheath
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KA-BAR USMC 1213 plain edge, Kraton, kydex sheath
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KA-BAR USMC 5017 plain edge, leather, plastic sheath
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KA-BAR 1217 plain 1217I leather sheath
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KA-BAR Short USMC Knife 1250, leather sheath
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