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Leatherman Signal multi-tools: robust multi-tools for survival purposes

The Leatherman Signal series was designed for outdoor and survival situations, when traditional multi-tools fall short. Leatherman enhanced the Signal with tools like a firesteel, emergency whistle and diamond-coated sharpening stone. Tools that come in handy during emergency situations when you need to survive in nature. Of course, these tools are also very practical on bushcraft trips or on hikes.

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Features of the Leatherman Signal collection

For the Signal collection Leatherman left no stone unturned. Multi-tools from this collection are enhanced with striking colours to make sure you won't lose sight of them or lose them in the bushes. The end of the handle is enhanced with a carabiner to make sure you can attach it to your gear. As such you will always have it close at hand, and you also reduce the risk of losing it.

The Leatherman Signal is equipped with a pocket clip. That way, you can easily slip it into your pocket when you're busy. Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you would prefer to have a hammer at hand, but a large stone from the forest is just too bulky. Even then, the Signal comes in handy: at the end of the handle there is a hammer part with which you can secure or detach a locking pin.

Leatherman Signal weight

Ultralight hikers may not immediately jump at the chance of bringing a multi-tool on their travels that weighs 215 grams. We understand completely. But keep in mind that this one tool replaces a handful of other tools. For example, you won't need a lighter, because the Signal already has a firesteel on board. An emergency whistle is standard equipment. And you sure won't need a separate pocket knife. The Signal also includes pliers, which are great for lifting your pan off your gas burner or campfire. We could go on and on about the possibilities.

Leatherman warranty: 25 years

A multi-tool needs to work. That is what Leatherman stands for. Besides making solid tools Leatherman gives a 25-year warranty on product and material errors.