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MKM Makro: a compact, high-quality fixed knife

The MKM Makro is a compact fixed EDC knife, designed by Jesper Voxnaes. He designed this knife after the success of its baby brother, the MKM Mikro. With a blade length of 7.5 cm, the Makro is still quite subtle in terms of size, but considerably larger than its predecessor. The knife is perfect for a variety of tasks without getting in the way of its EDC potential or friendly look and feel. You can, for instance, easily keep it close and it will excel during a hike or bushcraft adventure. These knives come in two blade shapes.

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Features of the MKM Makro

The MKM Makro is a compact fixed-blade knife with a full-tang blade that makes this knife very robust. The Makro comes in two blade shapes: droppoint and sheepsfoot. The blade is made from Böhler M390 steel. Böhler M390 steel is a high-quality and corrosion-resistant type of steel that retains its sharpness for a very long time. That makes this series of knives perfect for a multitude of cutting tasks. Like all MKM knives, the knife is made of high-quality materials. Its compact shape makes it easy to carry everywhere and excels in bushcraft settings or on hikes.

Versions of the MKM Makro

The Makro can also be bought without handle scales. Because this knife is full-tang, home-made handle scales can be easily fitted. A sturdy kydex sheath is available for the MKM Makro, as well as a leather sheath with a belt loop and magnetic closure. The kydex sheath has multiple mounting options and with the supplied UltiClip it can be clipped to your trousers.

What makes the MKM Makro unique?

The MKM Makro is a fixed-blade knife at a compact size. The knife falls between the MKM Mikro and the MKM Normar in terms of size. What's unique about the Makro is that there are two blade shapes to choose from, two different sheaths available and the fact that the knife can be bought bare without handle scales.

What's the difference between the Makro 1 & the Makro 2

The difference between the two is only the shape of the blade. The Makro 1 has a droppoint shape, and the Makro 2 has a sheepsfoot blade.