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Kitchen Knives & Cutting

Nakiri knives: Japanese vegetable knife for finely cut vegetables

The Nakiri is a traditional Japanese vegetable knife which can be recognized by its rectangular blade. The tip of the blade is slightly curved to make sure you can even cut perfect slices from an angle. Unlike Santoku's you cannot make a rocking movement with nakiri knives.

Confusion about nakiri knives: to chop or not to chop?

You shouldn't confuse nakiri knives with cleavers. Cleavers have a thicker blade and are therefore perfect when finely chopping vegetables, herbs and even bones.

The edge on a nakiri: double-sided or single grind?

In general nakiri's have a double-sided grind making the knife perfect for both left and right-handed users. There are, however, also exceptions so make sure before you purchase a nakiri knife if it has a single or double-sided grind.