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Rick Hinderer Jurassic pocket knives: slightly different

The Rick Hinderer Knives Jurassic is an EDC pocket knife that looks a lot like the XM18, but is slightly different. Similarities are the lockbar insert and the tri-way-pivot system with the different bearings options. The ergonomics, however, are different. The blade is located at a different angle in relation to the handle. The large finger groove in between the flipper and the edge is also missing. People who often cannot handle the ergonomics of the XM18, will love the Jurassic.

Rick Hinderer Knives

The Rick Hinderer Knives have been popular for dozens of years. It all started with his own handmade customs after which Rick Hinderer expanded his company into what it is today. On average Rick Hinderer Knives produces a couple hundred knives each month. Many for such a small producer, but compared to many other brands still quite small scale. An advantage is that at Rick Hinderer they are still able to produce many different configurations of their knives. As such it is almost difficult finding two Hinderer knives with the exact same configuration. Also because of the hardware sets and other accessories you can use to customize your knife.