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Zwilling J.A. Henckels

Zwilling J.A. Henckels is one of the largest and most famous names in the world of kitchen knives. The brand from Solingen, known from the typical red-white logo that depicts twins, produces top-quality cutting tools. As such, it is not surprising they are produced in Germany. All since 1731! Their characterizing Friodur technique is known to leave you with top-quality products that are more corrosion resistant. Zwilling produces all types of kitchen knives you can come up with. From large chef's knives to practical small peeling knives. There is a knife collection for every price range, for both professional and amateur chefs.

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Why choose Zwilling

Top-quality steel

We already mentioned it briefly before: the Zwilling Friodur technique. For this patented technique the steel is first heated and then cooled to -70°C. As such the steel is rock-solid and corrosion resistant. As such it is even more stainless than standard types of steel. Fortunately, it is still easy to sharpen. Cool!

Wide range of products

Everyone can own a Zwilling product. The Zwilling range contains simple kitchen knives for daily use, but also high-end knives for professional chefs. There is a knife collection for every price range, so also for you! Which Zwilling collection will you choose?

Zwilling collections

Zwilling has many collections to choose from, basically too many to mention. We will highlight the most important collections for you.

Zwilling Four Star

Zwilling Four Star is one of the most popular Zwilling collections. Professional chefs were consulted when creating the design of these knives. The knives are easy to maintain. Perfect for serious amateur chefs who are looking for good, but still affordable knives. The Four Star collection has been around since 1976 and is still relevant today! Talk about timeless!

Zwilling Gourmet

The Zwilling Gourmet collection is comprised of classics. The tried-and-tested three-rivet design has been popular for decades. Perfect for the novice chef. This collection is comprised of many sets and all types of kitchen knives you could dream of.

Zwilling Pro

The name might suggest that these knives are only suited for professional chefs, but don't worry. The Zwilling Pro was also designed for amateur chefs. With a traditional look and feel and nice finish. The handle seamlessly merges with the blade.

Zwilling Professional 'S'

Okay, the Zwilling Professional 'S' was designed for professional chefs. But it will also enthuse ambitious amateur chefs. The blade is forged from one piece of steel and runs throughout the entire handle. The handle seamlessly merges with the blade. In a professional kitchen, this is simply more hygienic.

Zwilling Twin Chef

This collection is comprised of simple, affordable knives. Perfect for amateur chefs, or simply anyone looking for a good set of kitchen knives. The handle, including crop, is made from plastic. As such the knives are easy to maintain.

Other Zwilling brands

In addition to many collections, Zwilling is also known for its brands. Take, for instance, Miyabi by Zwilling, a Japanese brand with stunning kitchen knives. And what about Kramer by Zwilling? A collaboration with legendary knife maker Bob Kramer.

Types of Zwilling knives

Considering the fact that Zwilling is one of the largest knife manufacturers active today, it produces many different kitchen knives. From traditional European chef's knife, to carving knives and specialist knives such as salmon or Chinese chef's knives. We will highlight some of the most important for you.

Zwilling knife sets

A Zwilling knife set is always a good choice! Purchasing a set is cheaper than getting all knives separately. There is something for everyone! With or without block. And with (almost) all possible knife combinations.

Zwilling chef's knife

A chef's knife is one of the most versatile kitchen knives. Zwilling chef's knives are traditional-looking, top-quality chef's knives. From vegetables to meat, fish and herbs: they can handle it all.

Zwilling santoku

Zwilling Santoku's nicely combine the best qualities of Japanese and European knives. The sharp tip of European chef's knives and the curved blade of Japanese knives. The best of both worlds.

Zwilling bread knife

With a Zwilling bread knife you can cut a lot more than just bread. They are also perfect for hard vegetables and fruit, such as melon and pumpkin. A good bread knife is a real must-have in every kitchen.

History of Zwilling

Zwilling was founded in 1731 by Peter Henckels. As such it has been around for almost 300 years! The company started with the production of top-quality knives and a multi-functional pair of scissors. From those products Zwilling grew out to become the company it is today. In those 300 years Zwilling won multiple awards on world fairs and opened a store in New York in 1883. It is therefore not surprising at all that they are so popular, they simply produce amazing products. From the small city of Solingen to Berlin, New York and Shanghai. Peter Henckels probably never knew what his company would grow out to become when he registered his trademark. But he laid the foundation for something amazing!

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