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Bark River Gunny knives: compact, all-round outdoor knives

The Bark River Gunny is the second most popular Bark River knife. It is not that surprising that its based on the most popular model: the Bravo 1. Following the popularity of this model, the fans asked Bark River to introduce a slightly more compact version. The Bark River Gunny is exactly that! With a 9.5 cm blade you still have enough to work with while, at the same time, it weighs less and is more compact. The excellent ergonomics remained the same!

So many people, so many knives

The great thing about how Bark River produces knives is the large amount of variations that are possible. The result? Knives with over 10 different types of steel, and 10 different types of handle materials. Add the fact that there are also variations in jimping, and special light-weight versions and you there is enough to choose from!