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Bark River Bravo knives: all-round outdoor knives for everyone

Bark River Bravo knives are very popular. It is for a reason that Bark River has introduced many different versions within the Bravo collection. From small knives for everyday carry such as the Bravo EDC to large machetes such as the Bravo Crusader. The most popular is, however, the Bark River Bravo 1. The all-round outdoor knife that is used by bushcraft enthusiasts, hunters, soldiers and survival enthusiasts.

So many people, so many knives

The great thing about how Bark River produces knives is the large amount of variations that are possible. The result? Knives with over 10 different types of steel, and 10 different types of handle materials. Add the fact that there are also variations in jimping, and special light-weight versions and you there is enough to choose from!

History of Bark River Bravo

The remarkable thing about the Bark River Bravo collection is its history. Members of the 1st Force Reconnaissance Company of the US Marine Corps were looking for a new bushcraft knife without any means or support from their organisation. Together they purchased a bunch of knives and started testing them until they could no longer be used. In the end there was only one knife left: the Bark River Gameskeeper. They decided to take this knife and head over to Bark River to have it adjusted. The Gameskeeper was namely a hunting knife and could definitely use an upgrade to be used for bushcraft purposes. The results of these adjustments is the Bark River Bravo 1. Today there are multiple versions available of this knife, even with different types of steel. This once again shows that Bark River listens to what their customers prefer!