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ESEE Junglas machete: straight out of the jungle

The ESEE Junglas is a large machete designed in the Amazon jungle. Actually, the term ‘machete’ does not quite do it justice. With its thick blade and solid construction, the ESEE Junglas is more of an oversized survival knife. Great to cut your way through dense vegetation or for trimming blackberry bushes. This knife is also great for general tasks around the camp. For example, building a shelter, splitting wood for a campfire or even to prepare food. The ESEE Junglas is a lot more versatile than you might think at first glance.

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Features of the ESEE Junglas

ESEE Junglas: blade

The blade of the Junglas is made of 1095-carbon steel. This steel is not stainless, but it can handle a lot. When you are in the jungle and only have one knife with you, it's of the utmost importance that you can rely on this knife. Perhaps just as important: 1095 is also very easy to sharpen. This means you can still sharpen your knife in the field with relatively limited resources. The extremely durable powder coating on the blade protects it from the increased corrosion sensitivity of the carbon steel. The wonderful usage qualities of the steel guarantee a lifetime of fun. The back of the Junglas has a spacious opening for a lanyard and can also be used as a hammer.

ESEE Junglas: handle

This full-tang knife features a handle made from micarta. This material offers a nice grip, even in wet conditions and even when wearing gloves. The size of the handle also helps you get a strong grip of the knife, which is great when you're using this knife for longer periods of time for chopping work or cutting tasks.

More than just a machete

As you might have gathered by now, the ESEE Junglas is a lot more than your run-of-the-mill machete. The ESEE Junglas is razor-sharp upon delivery, which is not always the case with machetes. The ESEE Junglas can handle any challenge you throw at it, including chopping through thick branches. This is even something that a machete, which you use for lighter chopping tasks, might not be able to handle.

ESEE: craftsmanship

The knives by ESEE owe their strong, robust character to ESEE's skilled manufacturing process. Heat treatment is an extremely important step to achieve the final properties of the blade. ESEE knives has truly perfect this process. As a result, you'll have to try very hard if you wanted to break the steel. If you try hard enough, of course any knife can break. ESEE knives are definitely strong enough to handle both heavy-duty use and everyday use.