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ESEE Junglas machete: designed in the jungle

The ESEE Junglas is a large machete designed in the Amazon jungle. Actually, the term ‘machete’ does not do justice to this knife. Because of its thick blade and solid construction the ESEE Junglas is more an oversized survival knife. Great to clear dense vegetation or to prune blackberry bushes. But also for general tasks around the camp. Think of building shelter, splitting wood for a campfire or even to prepare food. The ESEE Junglas is a lot more versatile than you might expect at first.

ESEE Junglas machete: made to last!

The ESEE Junglas (pronounced as Hunglas) has a long and thick 1095 steel blade. 1095 is a non-stainless type of steel that can handle quite a lot before it breaks. When you are stuck in the jungle and are only carrying one knife this quality is, of course, key. You will need tools that you can rely on. The handle on the Junglas is made from Micarta. Offers you enough grip, even when wearing gloves or in wet circumstances.

More than just a machete

As you might have already noticed the ESEE Junglas is more than a simple machete. It is, for instance, razor-sharp, something that isn’t always the case with machetes. In addition, you can use the ESEE Junglas for the real chopping tasks. Think of chopping through thicker branches. That is something a machete, which is used for lighter chopping work, cannot always handle.