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ESEE 4: the solid survival knife, made for everyday life

The ESEE 4 is a survival knife that will come in handy no matter where you are. The trainers at the ESEE survival school designed the ESEE 4 while they were working in the middle of the Amazon jungle. As such, as an outdoor knife the ESEE 4 was literally born in the outdoors. Today the ESEE Model 4 is popular amongst survival enthusiasts, preppers, bushcrafters and professionals. 

ESEE 4 Survival knife

In terms of survival knives there are, in the middle class, many knives that look alike and are sold for comparable prices. The ESEE 4, however, is a model that continues to rise above the rest. Not because of its incredibly interesting looks, on the contrary perhaps. But the ESEE 4 simply works. Everyone agrees on that. It is one of those knives that you learn to appreciate even more as time passes. The gentlemen at Randall’s Adventure and Training, for instance, thought carefully about the different ways of holding a knife. A hammer grip, reverse grip, pinch grip: you name it, it is possible with the ESEE 4. 

The numerous options for the ESEE 4

The ESEE Model 4 can be carried in many different ways. There are various colours of sheaths and you can also order a belt clip or MOLLE-back. ESEE delivers all knives individually, without sheath, to make sure you can comprise a set yourself. There are, of course, also sets available in a standard configuration as set by ESEE.