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Kai Shun Seki Magoroku Composite kitchen knives: the epitome Japanese elegance

The Seki Magoroko Composite series is a hybrid knife series. Unique within Kai's range, this collection of knives features a distinctive ornate copper line on the blade. It is the dividing line between the two types of steel that were used for the blade. Hence the name 'Composite'. This series consists of different types of kitchen knives, which together make one complete beautiful knife set.

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Features of Kai Seki Magoroku Composite

This series of kitchen knives is among the top in the kitchen knife field. As we said before: these knives have a unique design! The 6-piece collection is comprised of a paring knife, utility knife, santoku, chef's knife, carving knife and a bread knife.

Seki Magoroku Composite blade

The blade is made from laminated steel with an ornate copper line between the two types of steel. By laminating two types of steel, Kai harnesses the best properties of two different types of steel. The core is made from rock-solid VG10 steel. To compensate, this core was laminated in between two layers SUS420J steel. This type of steel makes the blade a little flexible, also making it stronger. The result is a thin blade for perfect cutting qualities. Razor-sharp, as befits Japanese kitchen knives.

Seki Magoroku Composite handle

The handles of the Kai Seki Magoroku knives are made from light pakka wood. Pakka wood is a composite structure of multiple wooden components that were glued together. The result is a strong and stabilized handle that looks natural. In terms of shape the handle might remind you of a fusion between the famous European forged bolster and the traditional Japanese D handle. The handle is symmetrical, just like the blade. As such it is perfect for both left and right-handed use.

German Design Award 2013

The Seki Magoroku Composite line is the winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2013. The Jury stated: 'The interaction of shiny cutting edge and satinised back is not only functional, it moreover provides an exciting visual contrast.' A fitting rating for this unique knife series.