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Kan Shun Nagare: artistic kitchen knives from Japan

The Japanese Kai introduces with the Shun Nagare collection a range of kitchen knives that are all artistically created. The combination of the striking design and the remarkable characteristics of the materials are convincing on any level.

For instance, the Kai Shun Nagare kitchen knives are equipped with a special blade, made from two different types of steel which have been weaved together into a 72-layer Damascus steel. Absolutely unique and very sustainable. This collection of kitchen knives is one of the best when it comes to kitchen knives. An asset to any kitchen and a delight to work with!

The blade on the Kai Shun Nagare knives immediately draws the attention. It has been made from flexible VG2 steel and hard VG10-steel, weaved together to create a 72-layer Damascus steel. As such it has become a type of dual core blade with a hardness of 61 Hrc. Innovatively forged and remarkably designed. As if the rays of a rising sun have been captured in the blade. The pattern runs over the entire surface of the blade up to the razor-sharp tip with a subtle micro bevel.

Stylish handle with optimal stability

The handle has been ergonomically designed with a slight descending line and a small belly. As a result the blade rests perfectly in your hand when cutting. The handle has been made from black-grey mélange Pakkawood and secured with two rivets. The forged tang in the handle creates a beautiful balance with the blade. All of this seamlessly blends with the image of these remarkable kitchen knives. As a result each Kai Shun Nagare knife is a delight to work with!