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Pocket Knives & Multitools

Leatherman heavy-duty tools: sturdy and solid tools for demanding professionals

If you are looking for a solidly designed multi tool, the high quality in the Leatherman heavy-duty-series is ideal for you. You will notice that these models are developed for and by professionals.

The tools simply breathe durability and can definitely take a beating, or two. A Super Tool 300 replaces half a toolbox by itself. An extremely strong locking system ensures that the tools can be handled safely, even with heavy handed use. The pliers of a heavy duty model are remarkably stronger and bigger than those of a full-size version and the wire cutters are replaceable. The heavy duty series clearly differentiates itself from the other lines by this solidity.

Leathermans for all purposes

Apart from solid tools for general use, Leatherman has also specifically designed some models for certain occupational groups. For example, the Leatherman MUT is designed for soldiers. They have, in addition to the standard functionality that you would expect of a heavy-duty-Leatherman, added some helpful parts, for the maintenance of AR15-M16 and M4 rifles. In addition, Leatherman has also designed some EOD models. These contain tools for the bomb squad. For example, the pliers of an EOD-model feature a crimping tool and besides the other tools, it also contains a C4-punch. 


Leatherman Surge vs Wave Plus

The Leatherman Surge and Wave+ are both popular multi-tools. However, what are the differences between the two? What are the advantages of both tools? And why would you choose one over the other? We will explain.