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Opinel No. 10: quite a large pocket knife

The Opinel No. 10 pocket knife is a relatively large knife with a 10-cm blade. This is one of the largest pocket knives in Opinel's range. As a result, this knife is suitable for bigger cutting tasks and for people with larger hands. The clippoint blade shape and convex grind stand out. It ensures the blade is nice and thin, allowing for easy slicing.

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Features of the Opinel No. 10

The Opinel 10 is available in stainless steel (Inox) or carbon steel (Carbone). Carbon steel is a classic choice. It's easy to sharpen to a razor-sharp edge, but it's not corrosion resistant. Carbon steel can form a nice, protective patina. Do you prefer a low-maintenance option? Choose the Inox version. It's up to you!

Opinel 10 Effile Slim

In addition to the regular No. 10 pocket knife, there are also Slim versions available. These can be seen as filleting pocket knives. The No. 10 Slim has a long and thin blade that is slightly flexible, making them ideal as a fishing knife. Use this pocket knife to clean the fish you caught yourself! These knives are also commonly used as steak knives, especially the versions with a handle of luxurious padouk, ebony or olive wood.