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Opinel No. 07 pocket knife: a good mid-sized pocket knife

The Opinel No. 07 is one of the most popular sizes in Opinel's range. This pocket knife has an 8-cm blade. It's a nice medium-sized knife. The clippoint blade shape and convex grind stand out. As a result, the blade is nice and thin, allowing for easy slicing. Opinel is a popular knife for picnics, and with good reason.

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Features of the Opinel No. 07

There are different versions available of the Opinel 7 series. For example, you can choose between different wood types and different steel types. Choose the Inox version if you prefer low-maintenance stainless steel or the Carbone version if you prefer the slightly stronger but higher maintenance carbon steel.

Opinel 07 Junior

One of the most popular versions of the 07 collection is the Junior. This pocket knife is designed for children. It still has a sharp edge, but the tip is round to prevent accidental piercing wounds. The handle is also slightly smaller to fit smaller hands, but still large enough to get a good grip.

Moreover, the Opinel Junior is also available with a polyamide, plastic handle. This version has a lanyard eye and more importantly, it also features an emergency whistle.